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Let Sicoir Computers help you protect your personal information by removing the malware on your computer and getting your system up-to-date!
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We offer the best remote support , so if your computer goes down, and you don’t have time to bring it in, let us fix it for you at your home.
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Sicoir Computer Technologies provides homes and businesses a valuable partner in technology that you can count on for all of your technology needs! A major benefit that our company provides is that we can save you time, frustration and money by allowing you to deal with one trusted source for everything technology related. We work diligently to build long lasting relationships with our clients by getting to know their individual needs so we can recommend the absolute best products and services that will help improve the way they work today and in the future.

Want the best in computer repair, sales, and support? That is why Sicoir Computers is here! We provide the absolute highest level of customer satisfaction at the most affordable prices. So whether you have a virus, spyware, or scareware on your computer… if you need a laptop screen, a hard drive, or if something just isn’t working quite right, we can fix it for you. What if you want a shiny new laptop, desktop, router, printer, or that hard to find cable no one else seems to carry? We have hundreds of products in-stock and we are more than happy to explain the difference between them to make sure you get the right one. Our customers get the best experience by dealing with our our highly knowledgeable staff and our computer/networking experience is simply unmatched. Did we mention that have the fastest turnaround on computer repairs… At Sicoir, the average computer repair is 1 to 2 days, not 1 to 2 weeks like most other computer repair shops.

Quality computer and network support were previously only available to large corporations with their own staff… We didn’t think that was right. So in March 2003, Sicoir Computer Technologies opened for business and became the go to computer and network technicians for several Hays businesses. A few years later, we opened up our services to home users and continued helping our supported businesses grow their businesses through the use of technology.

Today, we continue expanding our supported businesses, our supported home users, and our service area. We specialize in everything from computer security and complex computer solutions for businesses [of all shapes and sizes] to everyday computer tasks for home users. So whether you’re an office of 1 or 1000, or you’re a home user who simply needs help setting up your wireless network and devices, Sicoir Computers can assist you with any technology needs you may have… thousands of home users and hundreds of businesses can’t be wrong!

Contact us today and see why our fast service, our expertise, and our attention to detail have made Sicoir Computers not only different, but the fastest growing technology, computer, and networking solution provider in Hays, KS and the surrounding areas! Our goal is to help your home and business run more efficiently, bring stability to all of your IT needs, and to reduce your overall costs.

Is your data secure? Are your pictures and business documents safely backed up? Has someone verified the backup data is recoverable? Do you need your office computers up and running 24×7? Or maybe you just need to know how you can better put computers to work for you or your organization? Whatever your need, why spend hours figuring out something yourself when we can help you accomplish the same task in a fraction of that time? All of these reasons and many more are why we are here.

Although Sicoir primarily provides services in Hays, KS and the surrounding areas, our service area is always expanding. In fact, with our ‘Sicoir Remote Support’ program and growing list of mail-in customers, we have clients all across the U.S. So whether you are geographically local (less than 20 miles away) or virtually local (more than 20 miles away with an Internet connection), we can help you get past any technology hurdle that may get in your way. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Give us a call, stop by, or bring your computer in today… no appointment necessary!

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” — Benjamin Franklin

What was the absolute best part of my last experience? Everything! You guys are honest and hands down the best!
Dean, Hays, KS
I didn’t even have to leave my house for Sicoir to fix my problem.
Mary, Plainville, KS

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